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God must live in Dawta

Posted by on March 20, 2012

Day 1 Isle of Palm to Dawta Island Marina: Our first day traveling to Dawta was pretty uneventful except that steering Belle I felt I would have Popeye arms by the time we got to Tampa. The Nobeltec software allowed me to just follow the line I had plotted and every twist and turn was right there on my laptop.  Never having seen these waters we were amazed at the vastness of grass that goes on for miles and miles. We just winded and winded our way along the ICW.  Pulling Belle alongside the dock at Dawta was a snap. No wind, no current to speak of, just calm waters and she eased right up alongside and then backing her stern against the dock made me feel this was going to be okay. I can do this… the next day I was reminded to not get too cocky. But for now we had the lines on and topped off a couple fuel tanks that would get us the rest of the way home then Lou had a Macallan waiting for me at the bow.  O’ my god, after a week fearing the unknown and the day of trepidations we were finally settled in.  If you love the dawn you have to love the sunsets at Dawta. I think God must live here!


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